I used to run Shane Filan NL for like 10 years, most of you die hard fans still remember so I’ve heard.
After a break of 10 years I started to miss the great work of maintaining this wonderful site. I have done a lot of site work between then and now, a lot of design work, I run a little network of 6 cooking sites, I run and own a webshop, but nothing I’ve done felt like ‘the real thing‘, so … I thought maybe tomorrow, and what about now. I wanted to do something right, and make something amazing again. So what do you do then … you try again, that’s obvious. And now she’s back, doing what she likes to do most.

At the moment I am running the brand new site For everything Westlife and a lot of news. It would be great if you’d have a look and I am very curious to know if you like it, and yes, there is a tagboard again which everybody used to love.

Let’s meet on but do keep an eye out on this place .. we all know what should be on here.