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Shane is a talented songwriterer who has written and co-written many songs for Westlife and his solo career. He is still writing songs for Westlife.

In 2013 Shane launched his solo career managed by Louis Walsh. 

1 July 2022 is the beginning of Westlife’s Wild Dreams Tour. The tour  marks the beginning of a packed schedule for Westlife. 


Wild Dreams Tour exciting and highly anticipated with Westlife

In June 2022 Westlife will kick off their long awaited world tour Wild Dreams. This tour will continue into 2023

My side of life by Shane Filan – The true story.

A must read for every Shane fan.

As a lead singer of Westlife, one of the most successful pop acts of all time, Shane Filan was on top of the world. Together with the band, he achieved an incredible 14 No.1 singles (a record beaten only by the Beatles) sold 44 million records and was adored by fans the world over.

Everything he touched turned to gold, or so it seemed. Like many others, he had piled his fortunes into the Irish property boom and when the bubble burst, Shane struggled with mounting debt. Just ten days after Westlife’s final farewell concert, in front of a sold-out crowd of 80,000 fans, Shane was declared bankrupt with debts of £18 million – losing everything.

But this wasn’t the end for Shane Filan – a devoted singer and family man, Shane circled back to his roots and a year later he launched his solo career. In My Side of Life Shane shares his story for the first time – his early years growing up as part of a large Irish family in Co. Sligo, the phenomenal success of Westlife and the ups and downs of their time together, the breakup of the band, his financial devastation, and finally going it alone as a solo artist.

This is Shane’s side of the story.

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