Westlife singer Shane Filan says more people going to see their favourite artists perform is ‘something good’ that has come from the pandemic.

The band will play Dublin’s Aviva Stadium next week as part of their ‘Wild Dreams’ tour.

Shane told Lunchtime Live while he’s been to a select few concerts, that’s going to change.

“Ed Sheeran was the only ‘concert concert’ I was at.

“But like everybody else there’s so many concerts I want to go see.

“Obviously I want to go and see Garth Brooks this year – any chance I get I think I’ll go to a concert.

“You take it for granted before the pandemic, you might go to this show and go to that show.

“And all of a sudden nobody could go to any show.”

He says he’s a “huge Garth Brooks fan – absolutely massive.”

But the band has no plans to introduce Brooks songs to their setlist.

“There’s no Garth Brooks… these people are waiting long enough to hear it – we’ll let him do that first”, he jokes.

“I’m really excited to kind of go back to concerts, to go see some shows.

“I think people will just make a bigger effort to go see their favourite artist, or their second or third favourite artist.

“And I think that’s hopefully something good that will come out from the pandemic”.


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